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Future Planning


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Future Planning/Building Fund Committee:
Establishing an Orthodox Community in Loudoun County


As we celebrate our landmark 10th anniversary as an established Parish, we are grateful for all that God has given us to this point, enabling our growth as a community of Faith. We have been blessed to be able to worship within our "adoptive" home. From the initial determination of our founders, to a group of families who formed a Mission, we became a Parish in October 2006 with the blessing and encouragement of our Spiritual Father, His Eminence Metropolitan Evangelos of New Jersey. Now filled with a hope and numbering about 135 families, we are working to build a new Orthodox community in northern Virginia. For many of our initial years, we were blessed to blossom under the spiritual direction of various priests sent to us by the Metropolis. By God's grace, in January 2011, Father George Alexson came to our parish as our first Presiding Priest, and under his spiritual guidance, our community continues to grow and flourish.

Parish Vision
The Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church completed a "Phase One Study" that culminated with a "Kickoff Weekend." The purpose of the weekend was to brainstorm, perform fact-finding with the heads of our ministries and parishioners, and continue with strategic planning for the future of our Parish. It resulted in a preliminary Vision based on two full days of feedback from the parishioners.

Parish Growth & Next Step

Through faith, hard work and determination, our parish continues to expand. Our ministries continue to grow and an increasing number of families are calling the 
Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church their home. Now, a new and Holy task appears before our faithful parishioners. In order to increase opportunities for religious education, fellowship and the growth of ministries, it is essential for us to provide a "permanent home" for our parish.

It is time to take our next step-together.
We have embarked on a process of vetting land available for purchase or existing church properties for sale. Many factors have been taken under consideration, including location, size, cost, land quality and zoning, and the possible revenue-generating opportunities these options could bring.

Our parish leadership encourages all our members to share with us your thoughts and concerns regarding this project. It is vital to assess the support of our community. Although much work remains in order to fully define the specific use of each aspect of a Loudoun County property, we can state with confidence that the land would provide enough space for the following: 


  • Church 
  • Classrooms/Meeting Rooms
  • Fellowship Space/Hall
  • Commercial Kitchen 

Fund Raising Goal & Land Identified

The realities of the market for land in Loudoun County may limit our Vision, but it will not discourage us in the pursuit of our goal. Land in Loudoun County to accommodate a modified Vision is valued between $1 and $5 million. Existing church properties for sale have ranged from $2 million to $14 million (with school).
We are diligently pursuing a 6.3-acre parcel of land along Russell Branch Parkway to accommodate a moderate scope of our Vision. It is valued at $1.8 million. 
We hope to raise the vast majority of the investment through pledges to be fulfilled over a period of 1 to 3 years, with only a limited amount that may need to be carried as long-term debt for our community.  We are blessed to have exceeded $535,000 (including pledges) to date in our Building Fund. 

MiscPics.tmp/RB_web1.jpg          MiscPics.tmp/IMG_0035.jpg

To be successful, we will need the true sacrifice of all our stewards and friends. Every member of the parish will have the opportunity and privilege to participate in this historic and vital project.

 §  In justice, we seek gifts of equal sacrifice, not equal amounts§  

Only you can measure the abundance of blessings you have received and are able to return in time, talent and treasure for God’s work as we unite to continue the mission of Jesus Christ through the Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church.