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Prosfora = Bread for Holy Communion

We need 4 Prosfora every week
3 Prosfora for Sunday’s Liturgy & 1 for Weekday’s Liturgy
Total: About 210 Prosfora per Year

Beloved Parishioners,

What a blessing it is for someone to make a Prosforo for Holy Communion!

We need about 210 Prosfora every year. It is an awesome responsibility for each family to offer something towards this effort. We can’t ask the same ladies every other week to bake bread for us. Let us all participate in this task, to make it a little easier for them. Ask yourself: What can I do? How can I help?
Could your family (if you don’t know how or, don’t have the time to make a Prosforo) offer a small donation towards this endeavor? The cost is $8 per Prosforo or $32 per week. Money collected for this effort (we want to make this very clear) will be used to purchase bread only from the Monastery of Agia Skepi=Holy Protection of the Theotokos located in White Haven, PA (donation is tax deductible).
The sisters bake exceptionally good Prosfora for $8 each. Because it is bread used for the Liturgy, it cannot be shipped. Thus, in the future, if anyone plans to visit St. Skepi, please let us know: We will provide you the funds to bring back Prosfora for our beloved parish.
Prosfora can be offered for special occasions: Anniversary, Birthday, Memorial service, Nameday or, for loved ones struggling with illness. When you offer Prosfora, you should submit the names of both the living and deceased to be commemorated by the Priest.
For any questions in this effort, please contact Father George or Presvytera Joanna Alexson.

Thank you in advance for your Kindness & support!


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